Operation & Support

Keycloak is open source. But who will support you in your enterprise-wide, large-scale, mission-critical service?

Together with our operating partners we offer up to 7x24 hours professional 2nd and 3rd level support with short response time.

Professional Keycloak Support

Is open source software and professional support a contradiction? Not, when it comes to Keycloak! Together with our partners, we can meet or in some cases even exceed the support level provided by commercial IAM product providers.

We classify support into the 3 traditional support levels.

1st level - Helpdesk

First level support is provided by the service provider. In other words - this is you. Through the admin user interface, you can fulfill tasks such as reseting passwords and 2FAs or locking or unlocking a particular user.

2nd level - 7x24 Operation

The second level support is responsible for keeping the Keycloak infrastructure up and running. Since Keycloak (or any IAM for that matter) is so essential for running any protected service, these service providers operate Keycloak by providing professional 7x24 hour support.

We have teamed up with 2 renowned Swiss companies to provide 7x24 hour support for your Keycloak installation. They can provide support either in a cloud environment or on premise from within Switzerland.

The professional services cover ISO 27001 certification, FINMA compliance, backup, a managed security operation center (SoC), a geo-redundant hosting environment and many more.

3rd level - Engineering

When first and second level support cannot address your issues, its time for the Keycloak experts. We have a team of highly skilled engineers with a broad experience in Keycloak to analyze and fix your particular issue. Because Keycloak is open source, we can usually fix your problem in your configuration, your extension or even in the core product and can provide the necessary patch to the hoster.

Please contact us for a quote for your particular Keycloak operation and support need.

How can we help you?

I need assistance for my IAM project

Let us show you how Keycloak can meet your requirements.

I need support for my Keycloak installation

Inventage provides tailor-made Keycloak support. Red Hat customers can combine our knowledge with the Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) support.

Please call us at +41 43 343 20 20 or send us an e-mail at [email protected].