Keycloak Benefits

Keycloak is a sign of the times! It is open-source software and provides independence from any vendor. All relevant standards are met. The up-to-date technology stack supports modern DevOps and Cloud practices. Together with a growing choice of functional extensions it provides the perfect set of building blocks to precisely meet any requirement.

Open Source Software (OSS)

There is no license or service fee for the software. The source code is freely accessible. Therefore, adjustments can be made anytime and by anyone. There is no vendor lock-in.

Fast and flexible

New standards, technologies and functional requirements are constantly evolving. Keycloak and its community react very quickly to such changes. The migration to the Quarkus (Java for the cloud) runtime, is an example of a current adaption. The Keycloak solution has fundamentally been designed and built for agile, fast changing application landscapes. It scales up to the needs of large companies with high stability.

Proven and supported

A worldwide community of contributors and users provide fast feedback and advice. Red Hat, the main contributor, supports Keycloak as RH-SSO in their product suites (EAP, Fuse and others). We at Inventage provide local support as well as specific Swiss extensions.

Keycloak Competence Center

In this competence center we share our experiences with Keycloak in customer projects and internal labs.