Managed Keycloak

Together with our operating partner VSHN of Switzerland, we offer two ready to use, individual, managed Keycloak products.

We offer the following managed keycloak products

Product Highlights

  • Unrestricted access to the full range of Keycloak features, including any extensions you might want to deploy
  • You may configure up to 100 realms and there is no limit to the number of users
  • Continuous Keycloak upgrades to the latest version
  • Proactive application of all known security patches to keep you safe
  • Custom theming extension for easy and out-of-the-box configuration of all the UIs such as the login page

Choose your Cloud

Your managed Keycloak instance runs on a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud. You have the flexibility to choose among different cloud providers. The costs for the cloud provider are not covered in our pricing and need to be added separately.

Best Effort

Our managed Keycloak best effort product is the professional entry level IAM solution. Our Engineers do their best to keep your individual solution up and running, but there is no agreed SLA.

This product costs CHF 360 / month.

Guaranteed Availability

The managed Keycloak guaranteed availability product adds a professional Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the best effort product. It guarantees the reliability and availability of your Keycloak service on a 24 hours, 365 days per year basis. Our Engineers survey your individual solution and keep it up and running.

This product costs CHF 1’500 / month.

Want to know more?

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