We offer professional consulting on a variety of Keycloak related topics, such as security architecture, authentication and authorization flows, configuration as code, or setting up a highly available cluster.

Security Architecture

Introducing or integrating an IAM into your enterprise environment can be challenging. There are all sorts of questions that need to be addressed. With our experience, we can help you design your security architecture that meets enterprise security level.

Authentication and authorization flows

Authentication and authorization topics in an enterprise environment can be complex. Different security levels and user authorizations need to be considered. How do these questions relate to your specific environment and how can you address them with Keycloak? We provide expertise to help you find the right solution.

Configuration as code

If you still belong to the people that configure software through a user Interface, you might be aware that this can be quite error prone. For example, how do you guarantee that all your configurations and configuration changes are reliably propagated from the test to the production environment? We believe in automation to reduce the time for this process and to reduce the sources of error. Our approach configures Keycloak using configuration scripts and variables for the specific target environments.

Setting up a highly available (HA) cluster

When using Keycloak, it stands at the heart of your enterprise to guarantee a secure and trustworthy environment. Although Keycloak is a very robust and stable product, at some point it might sense to set up a cluster of Keycloak processes to improve the availability even further. We can aid you in determining if a cluster solution makes sense and how to set up such a cluster.

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I need assistance for my IAM project

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I need support for my Keycloak installation

Inventage provides tailor-made Keycloak support. Red Hat customers can combine our knowledge with the Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) support.

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