CI/CD Pipeline as a Service

Sure, downloading Keycloak is simple. But you want a custom Keycloak with your configuration, branding and extensions built into the current Keycloak version. Of course, this custom Keycloak is also supporting different environments through configurations.

Software doesn’t age like wine, it rots like milk

While it can be intrusive to configure and extend Keycloak to the fullest to meet the specific needs, one must not loose sight of keeping up with future Keycloak versions. The more you add and change, the more complex it gets to keep up with future Keycloak versions (this is usually true for all software products).

To address these issues, we provide a CI/CD pipeline as a service product. Using this service, your Keycloak implementation will be kept up to date and age like fine wine.

Keycloak as a CI/CD pipeline

Your specific Keycloak implementation with all your configurations and extensions is hosted on github in the Internet. We will make sure that your configuration is upgraded and kept compatible with the latest major (and on demand minor version) of Keycloak.

We provide your specific Keycloak implementation for all your environments (DEV, UAT, PROD) based on the latest Keycloak version as a downloadable docker image and test it. All you have to do is download the specific container and install it to your environment.

Please contact us for a quote on how we can help you with our Keycloak CI/CD pipeline service.

How can we help you?

I need assistance for my IAM project

Let us show you how Keycloak can meet your requirements.

I need support for my Keycloak installation

Inventage provides tailor-made Keycloak support. Red Hat customers can combine our knowledge with the Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) support.

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