B2B use cases with Keycloak

Everybody talks about digitalization to fundamentally change business processes, which can create new business models. Using Keycloak with our B2B extension “Delegated User Management” forms the basis for such new business models.

The following use-cases might be of interest to you

B2B, not just B2C

Traditionally, IAM products will cover authentication flows and potentially authorization topics for a single user. That is okey, as long as the user is a standalone consumer such as a banking customer. But what if the user belongs to a legal organisation which has a business contract with your enterprise?

Delegated User Management

We enhanced Keycloak for B2B use cases by extending Keycloak to support users that belong to an organisation. An organisation can be any group of users. Examples are business customers such as brokers, suppliers, or societies. The members of the organisation and their roles covering authorization can be managed by the organisation itself. Thus relieving your enterprise of tedious work which is time consuming and error prone. This results in a competitive advantage for your enterprise.


We didn’t stop at B2B. With our tenant functionality, the businesses of your enterprise can themself manage their own customers, resulting in very sophisticated B2B2C business cases. For your inspiration, we would be happy to share with you some of these business cases our customers developed. Maybe you want to be a disruptive leader in your market as well?

Customer portal using Keycloak

We developed a powerful and secure composite application platform with Keycloak and our delegated user management. This platform can be ideally used to build your own open and versatile customer portal for prospects, individuals and business customers. If you want to find out more about the platform, please visit uniport.ch.

If you want to find out more about delegated user management or our uniport.ch platform, please contact us for further details.

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